Today in the city Belleair 20.04.2018

Your DNA determines whether you're an introvert or an extrovert — here's how to tell which one you are

It is unlikely that you are entirely an extrovert or an introvert. It's more likely you are somewhere in the middle — but many of us associate with one side more than the other. Scientific evide...

Studious teens find out that doing their homework on YouTube can make them go viral

When 18-year-old Jade Bowler first turned to YouTube for studying advice two years ago, the best tips she could find told her to get hold of "aesthetic highlighters," and to light a candle for her stu...

A psychologist says this is the one simple way to tell if you're insecure or self-confident

Some people seem to have been born with confidence. But it's something most people have to learn over time. According to clinical psychologist Linda Blair, if you always worry about what other people...

Big Baller Brand in Talks to Sign Jordan Crawford

Big Baller Brand is reportedly in talks to sign New Orleans Pelicans guard Jordan Crawford to a sneaker deal.

'LaVar Ball' Returns to 'SNL' to Show Off the $500 ZoTeva Sandal

'LaVar Ball' returned to 'Saturday Night Live' to discuss his son Lonzo's rookie year and unveil the new $500 Big Baller Brand ZoTeva sandal.

Report: Jordan Crawford in Contract Talks to Join Lonzo Ball, Big Baller Brand

Big Baller Brand is trying to branch outside of the Ball family, beginning with New Orleans Pelicans guard Jordan Crawford ...

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